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Season 7 - Price Includes Shipping and Handling
Tracks Ahead DVD

Season 7
5.1 Surround Sound

DVD Disk 1

Program #701 Ohio Central Railroad
Tracks Ahead goes into the hills of eastern Ohio to visit a ten line railroad; ride a historic Japanese steam train that has been lovingly restored; visit a man who has realized his childhood dream, and meet a dentist who has taken his passion for trains into the back yard.

Program #702 Maine Narrow Gauge
Head to Maine for a memorable experience for the entire family with a visit to the ?Two Footers;? head to Arizona and explore a remote river canyon; meet a man who has made a living from preserving railroading history, and discover that model railroading is alive and well in the center of Tokyo.

Program #703 Japan?s Meitetsu Railroad
Visit a steam operation and museum in Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan; experience the ?up north? feeling as Tracks Ahead visits Michigan?s Upper Peninsula, meet a group of modelers who have built an impressive layout beneath a shopping center, and visit Idaho to see the reincarnation of the ?Railroad on Stilts.?

Program #704 Young Guns of Steam
Meet some of the people who are preserving the steam technology that helped shape the nation; visit a garden layout in Scottsdale which has a whimsical theme; meet a young railroad artist with a talent for realism, and visit the Windy City ? Chicago, for a little holiday magic.

DVD Extra - Argentina Rail Trip (Expanded), Music Video, How to Move a Locomotive

DVD Disk 2

Program #705 Palo Verde & Western Railroad
Check the progress of an amazing garden railroad display in the sunny state of Arizona; visit an S gauge layout in the Bay Area that recreates some of the industry of New York state; explore the recreation of a major toy train display of the late 1950?s, and visit a steam tourist line in Delaware.

Program #706 Japan?s Bullet Trains
Take a ride on the world?s first high speed rail line, home to the famous Japanese bullet trains; visit an interpretive park in eastern Michigan that holds a steamy surprise; visit a man who has collected toy trains from the Louis Marx company, and see a re-creation of the 1949 Lionel showroom layout.

Program #707 The Dakota Southern Railroad
Talk with a man whose hard work has resurrected a short line railroad in South Dakota; visit an astounding 15 inch gauge railroad on a game preserve in the Midwest; visit Kyoto, Japan, and look in on a steam museum and train ride; and head to the Smoky Mountains for a visit to a new public layout.

Program #708 Railroads in Patagonia
Travel to Argentina for a rail adventure through the vast expanses of Patagonia; visit with a man who has taken his vocation and used it to literally take railroading to new heights; look in on the last car float operation in the country, and head just south of Tokyo to ride some unusual railcars.

Program #709 Panama Canal Railway
Tracks Ahead visits the Panama Canal Railway that serves as a bridge between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; meet a man who was in the middle of each major crisis of the railroad industry; visit Zanesville, Ohio, for a look at a club layout; and head to the Garden State, where a tourist and freight railroad keeps history alive.

DVD Disk 3

Program #710 Los Angeles Rail Transit
See how a modern rail transit system thrives in Los Angeles; visit a garden railroad on a quiet street in San Mateo, California; relive the exciting moment when the transcontinental railroad was completed; and ride a spectacular dinner train in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains.

Program #711 Railtown 1897
Look in on the old Sierra Railroad shops in the gold country of California; visit a high rail S gauge layout that is the culmination of a thirty year dream; drop in on the family farm in southwestern Wisconsin and explore the history of an almost forgotten narrow gauge line in Iowa.

Program #712 EnterTrainment Junction
Venture into America?s heartland for an impressive public garden railroad display; ride several unique rail lines to explore the lush Japanese countryside; look in on a re-creation of a 1960?s railroad in southern California and visit with the heir apparent to noted railroad artist, Howard Fogg.

Program #713 Strasburg Railroading
Visit Strasburg, Pennsylvania, where trains are a major attraction; visit an operational layout that has recreated the Cajon Pass area; see what roller coasters and trains have in common and look in on one of the largest railroad museums in the country.

Program #714 St Kitts Scenic Railway
Visit a Caribbean sugar cane line that has found a new, more glamorous life; ride a spectacular three stage rail line in the Minami Alps outside of Tokyo; visit one of the largest Z gauge layouts around and look in on a museum that operates one of the last great steam locomotives in the United States.

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